A week before Christmas

A photo of my quirky idea for refreshments for my open studio this Christmas, Home made lemonade, cucumber sandwiches, mini bakewell tarts and coconut kisses.....and now I sit in my jauntily decorated studio, anticipating visitors. I have a few moments to reflect, and having finally invested in a smartphone (tho no sim card as yet...) am just wondering about the concept of promoting myself on the internet. I see I have not blogged on my website since October so that's remiss of me and I think probably not doing my site any favours. I have been working on my tweeting (@ThorpeHilary) and it will be interesting to see if I get any visitors as a result of that. I have discovered many interesting things through twitter and facebook - in the art world and beyond. I hope to be at the Urban Sketchers convention in Manchester in the summer so that's all because of twitter.... and there's the 'pinto rapido' events in London Glasgow and Amsterdam where everyone gets together to paint outdoors on the Saturday then have a big selling exhibition on the Sunday I think I found that through twitter as well. So I am better informed, but are my efforts enriching other peoples lives!!?? Hmm my new years target I fear is to organise my social mediaring to be slightly less add hock. Note to self..... don't forget to paint. Any body got any tips?