Continuing the Sailing Club theme...

I am working towards another tea towel design but it is a bit of a big project! As the Yacht and Sailing clubs of the Solent went so well I decided to tackle the East Coast - Well I'm looking at the clubs between the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk in Lowestoft down to the clubs on the River Crouch including the Royal Burnham, so between two 'Royals'. Its a big area but qualifies for the title the East Coast Yacht and Sailing Clubs I think. I spent several days taking photographs in 2015 and now I am slowly working on the images. Alongside I am producing some limited edition prints. One so far of the Yacht and Sailing Clubs of the Crouch and this one will be the Yacht and Sailing clubs of the Stour, Orwell and Deben. However my contacts keep finding clubs that I have missed so if you know anything about Bawdsey Yacht Club or Shotley Point Yacht Club then do let me know!
Painting these little water colour images is great work for cold rainy days of which there are about 2:1 at the moment in this month of April! I'm working from photographs for these and I really enjoy doing little paintings, they are very rewarding and when I am painting on location and things are not going well I often resort to doing some smaller pieces to get my confidence back up! These images are pen and water colour wash and the watercolour set is an ancient one that belonged to a friends mother so its good to use. If you like the style I do commissions.