Exhibition preparation

It’s starting to get cooler now but I am still getting out to do a bit of sketching preferably if the sun is shining! I am putting my energy in to sorting things for my show which will be at the village hall in Lythe. Its a lovely newly decorated hall, along the coast from Whitby, just up from Sandsend which is a beachfront village. I have been introducing myself to all sorts of people and artists in particular and been gladdened by their enthusiasm to help me - facebook and twitter seem to be getting my name out and about more and I have joined two facebook groups - Scarborough Arts Forum and Whitby Creates.
Because of the aspect of Whitby which faces north, it is very different to painting the Solent. Early mornings and late afternoons are good for catching the coastline. I was lucky enough to be out sailing and the view to Whitby from the sea is lovely. Fortunately it looks like I will get access to a ‘work boat’ now I am a member of the yacht club!
I managed a painting the other morning, after getting a bit organised and I sat at low tide to the east of the harbour. I looked along the coast past Whitby. With the sun on the cliffs it brought out fantastic colours (unfortunately all a bit grey with no sun!) and I did the painting that you see above, which I am pleased with. So that will be in the show together with a selection of work from my various trips in the last couple of years, and of course some Isle of Wight images! If you have contacts in this area then do let them know about my show!! (get more info on the events page)