Keeping out of the windy weather!

I am not enjoying the windy weather. I have tried painting from my camper but it is not great in the wind! so I am in my studio and office. I am not enjoying the windy weather. After taking a large order for cards recently (I do offer generous discount for large orders!!) I realised I had not updated my website with the new images I have been using for cards based around Whitby so I have been busy doing this. It is not a small task, and frankly sitting in front of my computer for hours is not my idea of fun but it has to be done. One thing about being a 'sole trader' as such is you have to do all the jobs. It keeps me on my toes and makes life varied, but there are some jobs that I skirt round - updating my mail list is probably my least favourite but possibly my mail list these days is one of my most valuable assets! I do get a tremendous sense of satisfaction when all my efforts are rewarded with orders, sales and successful workshop days.

My studio is a bit challenging in the more cooler days, and I have devised a system of curtains to section off my office space. I have dragged out my degree pieces from my textile degree - weaving was my specialism so I have two lovely hand woven blankets to use. My favourite one is in the background of the picture. This has sparked a rash of more textile orientated workshops and am also busy preparing for a weaving day in a primary school!! So I shall keep beavering away here, all cosy and hope that I can brave some painting in the camper with less wind and some nice sun!! One can but dream.....