Making Cards

Its a week now to my show at the village hall at Lythe. I have been busy organising some new local themed greeting cards, it always take a while setting these up but when they are made and slipped in to that cellophane pocket and in a big pile it is a fantastic sense of achievement. I make most of my cards by printing the images on to photo paper, trimming, then glueing to card and hand writing a caption. I have got it down to a fine art! - my pen and water colour images I am now printing out directly on to card as I think it gives a better watercolour effect. (I get my card etc from 'Craft Creations' by the way) I have had some more images added to my website - a collection of work from Scotland. I now have to add some more paintings and cards myself but it is a job that I am prone to put off! I had some really fantastic comments about my site from a lady I met today who is going to do a piece about me in the Whitby Gazette - everything she said was exactly what I had tried to achieve so I was so pleased!! - Thanks Helen! Hope you like it too!!