Moors painting day

Horah! I have been out painting on the moors, near to the Fylingdales early warning system on ’Snood Hill’ I was out with the camper and it was a beautifully sunny day, slightly hazy so the far distance was very muted. I enjoyed trying to mix all the new colours and experimenting with painting on hardboard that has been coated with acrylic gesso (a chalky-like substance that give a pleasant ‘key’ to the surface) I seem to be fascinated by the juxtaposition of the near and far landscapes, the contrast in the colours and textures. On this day I painted mostly with brushes. Everything was a bit wobbly as I seem to have mislaid the rests for my easel in the move, so just had a board taped to the upright. I don’t seem to have packed very logically, though I am sure it seemed logical at the time!!! I shall be programming some more painting days over the next couple of weeks and the weather looks promising! This week end it is the Staithes Art Festival so I am looking forward to visiting that.