More Exploring

I thought I would show you a photograph for a change. I keep venturing out in to the countryside to get to know it more and this was a great discovery called 'Whispering Dale' which is North West of Scarborough. I am keeping my camper van at a friends farm until I move in to my new house which has a drive to accommodate it. So this has prompted me to explore the area a bit, as I have the odd night away from mum and dads where I am staying. I would love to say that I am out and about gaily painting! but I am busy at the moment getting a big selection of my prints ready to send off to Shorelines in Cowes on the Isle of Wight as they will be stocking most of my prints, which is great! If you are an artist and you are thinking in to getting in to prints then do get in touch as I can give you some advice! If I had started with the size of cellophane bag you can buy off the shelf, rather than the odd sizes of my paintings then life might have been easier!! still, my long thin custom-made bags (thank-you Fulcrum Films!) make long prints look great!! I am off away to Scotland for a big family gathering next week to celebrate my dads 90th. We are staying near the Kyle of Lochalsh. I will have my sketchbook with me! (I think thats about all that will fit in to the car!) so really looking forward to being back in Scotland.