On my hols in Malta

I am on holiday in Malta, I think I was ready for it after all the sorting out I have had to do all last year with moving to Whitby. I have come armed with minimal painting equipment, and so far have not been overly anxious to paint, but have enjoyed a little sketching. Here's one I did after visiting the Sunday market at Marsaxlokk (don't ask me how to pronounce this!!) sitting in the mild sun having a spot of lunch. I think coming away has made me realise how excited I am about getting out and about to paint in North Yorkshire - though I think the weather back there may be inclement? I aim to rely on my trusty camper for a few winter forays around and about. The main thing that I have to sort when I get back is the conversion of my garage in to a workshop. I think I have found a friendly builder so wish me luck. I am looking forward to getting all my creative things out of boxes and easily accessible and then putting together my first workshop programme. Do let me know if you are interested in the workshops I will be running - I have a spare room if you want simple b and b as well!