Painting on 'plein-air' in January?!

January seems a strange time for me as an artist. Much of my painting is done on location (plein-air), for me, working outdoors in January has few attractions though I do sometimes go out in my camper if there is a sunny forecast.
So what am I doing? Well I have just completed a big order with 'Jacksons' for paints and some other materials - including new brushes and palette knives. Choosing a supplier is always a decision - I have spent time doing orders with different suppliers to get the best price - but it takes ages! so now I seem to stick with Jacksons, they are efficient, helpful and I can order on the phone which speeds things up in my mind.
I also have decisions to make - applications for events that I would like to take part in. Peppering the calendar with events through the year makes a great focus for my work.
My main focus however for January is to try and get more visitors to my website. I am getting to know meta descriptions!! - what you say? well it seems to be a good way to encourage people to click on to your website after they have found you in a search - it seems the more people search, the more likely it will appear in searches!! As my website is a selling site then I really want to try and get it to work more for me... want to help? - try searching for me either by name or perhaps something more obscure like 'artists blog whitby' - if you do this and email me a bit of feedback and your address I will send you a couple of greetings cards in the post (well I will limit this to the first 10 people just in case!)
Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for getting to the bottom of this one. Want to suggest some topics you would like to hear about? please feel free!!