Painting Trips

Since I have moved up to Whitby, I like to get away for the odd few days in my camper for a bit of dedicated painting. That's where I am now, writing this. It's easy to get bogged down in my studio with the minutiae that is involved with being a sole trader and professional painter, along with the washing, gardening etc. So off in my van I can dedicate myself to just producing paintings and especially, since my move, exploring new places to paint. So why am I sat at my computer I hear you say? well it's raining. I have painted in the rain in desperation but not today (partly it is also rather cold/foggy/grey). There's been a lot of cold weather and rain of late which has been a problem for me as a 'plein air' painter.
I've been exploring Filey Brigg. Filey is between Scarborough and Bridlington, and I am beginning to see why it holds such an attraction. It is the middle of Filey Bay. A small town with beach frontage. A vast expanse of slowly shelving sandy beach. The 'Cobble Landing' is strewn with little fishing boats (cobbles indeed) that are towed out by stocky four wheel drives and the bay is then peppered with these small boats. Out on 'Filey Brigg' is where I was bowled over. The Brigg is an outcrop of limestone on the northern headland, with angled pavements that are exposed at high tide but is awash with waves as the tide closes in. Yesterday it was sunny with a good swell. The sea was patchwork of blues greens and greys, a welcome change from the grey green of late at Whitby. The waves were crashing against the north edge of the Brigg. I was in my element here and this is when I celebrate my choice of being a "plein air' painter!! There is a wealth of subject matter here but all has to be worked round the tide as there is an 8 hour slot in between high tides where access is possible. Although I depart today, I know I will be back. On the Isle of Wight I used to drive to Cornwall for crashing waves such as this, but pleased to know it's just a 45 minute drive away now!! yipee..... You can follow my daily progress on Twitter these days!!