Roads and Chevrons

I quite like this time of year. Interesting weather and light, not too busy, and quite often mild enough to be outdoors. I have done some sketching this week as I continue to get to know the Whitby area.I visited the North York Moors visitors centre yesterday and the exhibition space they have there. I am going to get in touch with the gallery to see if they are interested in my work. I have decided to do a series of paintings based around the standing stones and ‘trods’ (paths) (especially as there is a ‘monks path’ outside my new house!) On the way back to whitby I drove on the road between Castleton and the A 171 again. There are a couple of views there that just do it for me and they both contain the black and white chevrons showing a sharp bend - I did a sketch yesterday and will have to go back to do some more. There is something about the starkness of it all, the black and white, the sky, the big open expanse, and the softness of the colours - difficult to explain. Me thinks this is why I paint and don’t write books.

I am also planning an exhibition at the village hall in Lythe - it’s more of a showcase really, sort of saying, “look, I’m here and this is what I do!” So hope to have some dates to put on my callender very soon.