Sketching Folk!

I was out and about during folk week in Whitby last week, and did this sketch of the members of ‘String Theory’ having a sing around in the Station Inn. My furniture arrived at the house in the middle of the week and so it’s been a bit busy. I am also working towards converting the garage for my new workshop, which is exciting. In the mean time I have started to work on my next t towel design, which may be ‘The Yacht and Sailing Clubs of the East Coast’ - trouble is I am in quandary - the Solent Tea towel had 35 images and so far I have 42 clubs in the running for the new one - oh how I love these little challenges - so smaller images? less clubs? and then there's the map which will take up a fair bit of space - oh well (don’t hold your breath on this being finished any time too soon as I still have at least one more trip to take photographs!) I am looking forward to having a trip out in the camper to capture some of this vibrant purple heather on the moors - what a treat!