Sketching in Scotland

I am nearing the end of a two week stay in the depths of Scotland, near Kyle of Localsh in a tiny village called Glenelg. It’s been a big family gathering as we have been celebrating my dads 90th birthday, 22 of us in all. Been catching up, swimming, eating, playing games and music. I have managed a few sketches however. The one you see is the first sketch I did, which is from the monument on the sea front at Glenelg. My sketchbook has all sorts of different types of paper in it (I make them myself) and so the pen and paint react differently each time. Some times I use a pen, and sometimes not - only got my brown pen to use after dropping the black one on the tip and destroying it!
One of my nieces is starting a new job with 'people and planet'. They are campaigning for divestment in fossil fuels, to encourage the diversion of funds towards developing more sustainable power sources - it seems that if we use up all the rest of the fossil fuel, it will probably take 15 years to use it all up, but more importantly it might raise the temperature of the earth by a further 2 degrees which will may take us in to an irreversible state of warming up. I thought one way I could help would be to put something on my blog - I won’t do this very often, but I do feel strongly about this. Look for more info at
Back to Whitby on the 10th and have the keys to my new house so will be starting work on converting my garage to a workshop! hoorah!! - watch this space....