Sketching on the move.

I have just spent the week end in London. Partly for a college re-union and partly for some gallery visiting to nourish my creative soul. Ever since I started sketching on my travels between the Isle of Wight and college (I studied Textiles in Farnham Surrey) I have enjoyed sketching on journeys when I get the opportunity. So the train from York to Kings Cross and back was a great opportunity and then on the bus from York to Whitby the pictures had to be tiny and simple as the bus was rather wobbly!!
My equipment is minimal and kept in a colourful custom made bag. I have a few drawing pens, a pencil, knife, tissue, and then some cleaver retractable brushes and a tiny set of watercolours. I carry two old film canisters for water (Two, because I wash my brush out mostly in one and then use cleaner water from the other - this means less water changes which helps on trains!) I sketch in my home made sketchbooks, that have all sorts of paper in and that keeps me on my toes.
I get myself set up and peer out of the window (window seat with a table preferable) and have to be quick, I sort of take a snap shot in my mind and then draw it out, and paint in the colours. I am still trying to decide if it is best to sit facing forward or back!!