Surfing at Saltburn

Well, I had a couple of days out with the camper, getting to know the place a bit more. I had a great time at Saltburn, and braved the sea in my wetsuit with my body board. Enjoyed sketching on the cliff top near the ‘Cliff Tramway’ I also sketched out in the fields near Scarborough (my camper is being kept temporarily at a friends farm there)
I did a bit of painting out on the moors near Denby, but not very successfully!!  there are some very spectacular colours around and my palette of paints is looking pretty different at the moment. I think the heather is on its way in to bloom, so best get my purples ready.

I went down to Whitby pier last night to watch the yacht club race (7 boats!) and it was very light with a bit of a swell. However it was bright blue skies and so I saw some very painterly scenes, I will be back to paint there when I can get that organised (and the weather too!) - might have to join the throngs of folk eating fish and chips! or possibly take a fishing rod as there was a lot of Mackerel being caught! I sat and sketched the port hand beacon at the harbour entrance, working on a little set of 6 images about Whitby.