The beach as a canvas

I am pleased to say that I am sitting in my (close to being finished) studio! - at my home made desk (still smelling of varnish!). I am still constructing a storage rack for my framed paintings and although I used a tape measure and spirit level it doesn't quite look like it - so I think it will take on a character all of its own!

I have had a visitor to stay over the week-end, Eva Wolfram, a fellow artist but she is a bit different to me as she is a land artist. Eva has a lot of experience creating Labyrinths in all sorts of locations, particularly sandy beaches. So as Whitby has a great expanse of beach at low tide coupled with a view from the cliffs we set about on a beautifully sunny Sunday to create her 'trinity labyrinth' We had a couple of rakes and a plan to work from. I basically just followed orders! but as I do have a bit of artistic talent I took to the drawing out of the pattern well and it was hot work! There is no doubt that as the creation of the Labyrinth was close I felt a great boost of energy and well being! We had a fair bit of interest from passers by and encouraged people to walk it. A labyrinth takes you in and out as you follow the path, as opposed to a maze which you have to search to find your way out. The trinity pattern takes you round a three stage process (Father, Son, Holy Ghost), perhaps looking at a problem from three angles or reflection of three stages in your life. The many dogs out walking enjoyed the activity! but did not quite follow the rules! Eva and I were very encouraged by all the positive comments and we are planning to do a bigger one over halloween (famous also in Whitby for the 'goth festival')