Tips on making 'Artists Cards'

I had to make a batch of cards the other day to fulfil an order, and decided to document it for my blog. I have perfected a process that works well so thought I could share it. I have always swayed away from having my cards printed professionally as I think it takes away that personal touch.
I start by photographing the work outside (this in in itself is a challenge, chose a bright but slightly overcast morning or evening). Then I fiddle with them a little in photoshop - usually just a little brighter and a bit more contrast. I crop them and put several on to an A4 sheet and print them off. Then they are guillotined in to single images.

1...I stick them to the card with pva glue (good quality) and I apply this with a print roller to give a very thin layer, I lay the image face down on an old magazine and roll the glue on. (I then turn the page for the next image and this keeps all the images clean)
2....When I have several of the same image I press them under books for several hours.
3....If I am lucky I sit out in the sun with a coffee and hand write the titles under the image.
4....The cards are put in to cellophane bags and sealed with a bit of tape.

They are now all ready to sell!

I buy my card etc from 'Craft Creations' - you can search on line and I buy card that is pre-creased - it is really worth that extra few pennies. If you are wanting to sell commercially then look at the sizes of the card racks before you decide on card size - my cards don't fit many of them and this is a bit of a problem!!