What do I do for kicks?

Well I am enjoying playing with my teddies. Last year for the Tour de Yorkshire that came through Whitby, I made a hat with bikes on and sat two of my bears on them (actually had to hold them with elastic bands which they did moan about a bit). We watched the tour on the hill coming out of Ruswarp, all great fun. Well this year they are coming through Whitby again!! yay, so the bears insisted on team gear. So bang go my favourite pair of socks for their tops, and that pair of old cycling shorts were full of holes anyway. So I sat in the sun in my cute courtyard garden, in between guests for my open studio that I held after Easter. Love a bit of hand stitching, but they both have big bottoms so there had to be some adjustments there. Now I am using them to promote myself through social media, well I will try anything to get known round here!! If you are around whitby look out for me!!

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