What no driftwood??

I finally have my camper unpacked! (contents in the basement at mum and dad’s) so I had a little jaunt around my new stomping ground. It was the first week end of North Yorkshire open studios. Met some really friendly artists (some lovely locations!) I saw some views that took my breath away! but it is all so different to the Isle of Wight of course.... not sure where to start on the painting front. I walked down a very muddy path and steps down on to the beach at Port Mulgrave. How can I describe it? Several tin huts for fishermen. A motley collection of fishing boats both old and new. People collecting fossils, cockles and fishing. Used to be a pot ash mine there and still see signs of that. Very crumbly cliffs and shale/rocky beach. An old quay falling to bits. The sun came out and so I found a nice view to sketch sat on the tyre of an old trailer - could have just as easily been on the moon for the difference to my stomping grounds on the Island!! I found a few fossils - think I need to do some research here... but not one speck of driftwood!