Work life balance

I have got to that time of year where I could be working flat out, but I am trying to keep my work life balance in check (says she typing this on a Sunday evening). I am out and about painting quite a bit in this 'summer' weather, so doing stuff like blogs and social media posts and mail shots kind of take a back seat but I think they are rather important. I did this painting several weeks ago, I spent the night on Sandsend sea front and got up early to catch this fantastic silhouette of the pier. I am pretty pleased with it so had it made in to a print. I have been out sailing between Whitby and Scarborough this week-end in pretty mixed conditions. The views were beautiful and conditions not alway conducive to photography! I am now passed out in driving the Whitby Yacht Club launch and on Thursday was all set to paint the evening racing (had my sandwiches packed and everything) but it was cancelled as the swell was too big with not much wind.....still I did get a little guided tour up the river, thanks Stuart!