Keeping out of the windy weather!


I am not enjoying the windy weather. I have tried painting from my camper but it is not great in the wind! so I am in my studio and office. I am not enjoying the windy weather. After taking a large order for cards recently (I do offer generous discount for large orders!!) I realised I had not updated my website with the new images I have been using for cards based around Whitby so I have been busy doing this. It is not a small task, and frankly sitting in front of my computer for hours is not my idea of fun but it has to be done. One thing about being a ‘sole trader’ as such is you have to do all the jobs. It keeps me on my toes and makes life varied, but there are some jobs that I skirt round – updating my mail list is probably my least favourite but possibly my mail list these days is one of my most valuable assets! I do get a tremendous sense of satisfaction when all my efforts are rewarded with orders, sales and successful workshop days. My studio is a bit challenging in the more cooler days, and I have devised a system of curtains to section off my office space. I have dragged out my degree pieces from my textile degree – weaving was my specialism so I have two lovely hand woven blankets to use. My favourite one is in the background of the picture. This has sparked a rash of more textile orientated workshops and am also busy preparing for a weaving day in a primary school!! So I shall keep beavering away here, all cosy and hope that I can brave some painting in the camper with less wind and some nice ...

February News

Garage Conversion

I am pleased to say that I have been offered a venue for the Staithes Art and Heritage festival in September – this is becoming a very popular event with lots of artists taking over various houses and halls to show work, and this coupled with the magic of such a lovely place as Staithes, steeped in history, makes for a very enjoyable week-end (12th/13th). I have also been asked to put work in to ‘Coast Gallery’ at Burniston near Scarborough. So my first painting expeditions will be to gather work for that. The gallery has the most excellent and friendly tea room, which I can wholeheartedly recommend! My life is rather taken over at the moment with the conversion of my garage in to a studio. The photo shows the garage just before I stripped it out, then with new door. window and velux in the roof (north facing!) It’s exciting, but as I am getting involved with as much work as I am able, rather tiring. I am missing being creative, but looking forward to finally having all my arty stuff organised instead of stacked in boxes in my dining room! I am planning to start with a few classes and workshops when I am sorted and hope this will be around the end of March/Early April. If you have anything in your creative ventures that needs some input, then let me know and if it is something I can help you with then we might be able to programme it in to a workshop. I am enjoying continuing to get to know the region, and have been out walking with the ramblers (very friendly group from Scarborough). Their walks are around 10 miles so it’s keeping me fit!. ...

First Show in Whitby


Well thanks to all who came to my show at the village hall in Lythe, Whitby. It was a successful event, with lots of visitors. I was encouraged that my marketing efforts had paid off. I did a lot of talking over the week end which is always the case at my shows. What really encouraged me was the reaction to my work by a new audience – the comments ‘lively’ ‘uplifting’ and ‘lots of character’ spring to mind, and if I could chose words to describe what I wanted to give people in my work then these would be pretty close I think! My one hour taster workshops seemed to really hit the spot, it was lovely to get such a positive response to introducing some techniques that people were keen to go away and develop. Now I am looking forward to getting out and about exploring the region rather more and continue with my sketching and painting. I hope to be involved with a group event in early December at Staithes. ...